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ETI is dedicated to client success by providing
world-class dimensional engineering solutions

ETI provides a variety of engineering services that will help your organization improve product design and save money. We can review your drawings and evaluate them before production, helping you to reduce costs through proper specification. We can also help you apply GD&T to your existing drawings.

Design Services
ETI offers economical design services. Send us your drawings and we will perform:

  • Design checking
  • GD&T markups
  • Tolerance stack analysis

Consulting Services
ETI's consulting services can be performed in-house or at your site. They include:

  • Design reviews
  • Drawing audits for standards compliance
  • Expert interpretation of drawings for customers or suppliers
  • Product drawings reviewed for meaningfulness, reasonable tolerances, and critical tolerance stacks
  • Measurement plans reviewed
  • Meetings to discuss. . .
    • GD&T usage or standards
    • Application of GD&T to a product (datum selection, which symbols to use, etc.)
    • Inspection of GD&T requirements
    • Converting functional requirements into GD&T specifications
  • Mentoring of employees on the correct usage of GD&T

When you need a GD&T expert, turn to ETI, the most well-known name in the industry.
ETI's dimensional engineering experts are industry professionals with years of experience applying GD&T on the job. Our engineers have:

  • Expert knowledge of the Y14.5 Standard
  • Current or recent industrial experience using GD&T
  • At least fiteen years of experience using GD&T
Our engineers understand GD&T and the best way to apply it in industry. Their knowledge can save your organization time and money. Read more about our dimensional engineering specialists.

Let ETI help your organization shorten product development time and lower costs.
ETI's engineers excel at GD&T and its application. Take advantage of our expertise. Let ETI help your organization lower production costs by reducing the vague drawings and drawing errors that cost you time and money.

Call ETI at 1-800-886-0909, to discuss how our engineering services can benefit your company, today.

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Using GD&T correctly can help your company save time and money.
Vague drawings lead to errors that become more costly to an organization at each stage of the product development process.

If found at the design stage, a vague drawing can be corrected for a few dollars. In the model shop, it can cost hundreds of dollars. However, once the drawing gets to production, the expenses escalate quickly. Gaging, tooling, and scrap costs can bring the total to 100's of thousands of dollars.

By providing uniformity in drawing specifications and interpretation, GD&T reduces controversy, guesswork, and assumptions throughout the manufacturing and inspection process. Read more about GD&T.

Call ETI at 1-800-886-0909, to discuss how we can benefit your company, today.



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